Mindfulness Base Stress Reduction 

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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teaches you simple steps to achieving a healthier well-being, which combines a mixture of meditation techniques, mindfulness, mindfulness cognitive behaviour therapy, laughter therapy, mindfulness eating and easy yoga stretches. Developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn in the 1970s, for pain relief MBSR helps you become aware of unconscious thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, guaranteed to minimise your stress levels, helping  you successfully live a happier mindful life.  

This workshop is a simple to follow, easy stepped programme with weekly group meetings which is over a 8 week period  (2 hours per session). 

Sessions take place with Sharee who is a registered fully certified practitioner, with an array of skills and experience. The training will take place in a warm, friendly, informal and supportive learning environment. Each individual's journey is different - this is fully respected, because you are welcome to uncover and overcome your elements together, or are able to feel free to develop at your own pace.


This powerful course is suitable for beginners, and all of you are welcome to thrive in this happy, energising, healthy environment.  

MBSR rewires your brain, developing the hypo-campus enhancing the grey matter. MBSR has been proven to reduce anxiety by 70% with over 30 years of proven enhancement in your psychological well-being.

Mindfulness teaches you to observe your thoughts for what they are; being mindful shows you that your thoughts do not define or control you. You are given techniques to observe your thoughts in a detached manner, enabling you to dissociate from them resulting in letting go of built-up stress and anxiety.

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