How Hypnosis Works

Hypnosis with Sharee McIntyre Coleraine
Hypnosis with Sharee McIntyre Coleraine

Unique To You therapies offers bespoke tailor-made life changing therapies, designed for each individuals needs. By providing each client with a tranquil holistic setting, our aim is to free you from emotional problems that you may be experiencing with the power of Hypnotherapy.

This is done by the therapist guiding you into a deep state of relaxation/ trance, where the subconscious mind becomes more open to suggestion, whist reminding you that we are only limited by our own imagination. As Hypnotherapists, we provide you with the tools, power and confidence to set yourself free from these burdens.

Your health, vitality and consciousness is worth more than anything else-

by dedicating time for yourself, and investing in our mental health we set ourselves free from these burdens, which often have major impacts on our ability to live a fulfilling lifestyle. These treatments provide you with the tools to break free from these burdens, empowering you to heal your life. 

This action can be very fast which is why hypnotherapy is often a shorter form of therapy, and therapy length varies depending on the client. Hypnosis goes straight to the heart of the problem and corrects it, imparting a new sense of peace and well-being.

Optional, Universal Life Force Reiki healing love and light is highly recommended to optimise the power of suggestion used in Hypnotherapy. Reiki releases the blockages and effects of negative emotions; understanding the body and mind is vitally important for the search of longevity and happiness.

Seeing is believing, because deep down we all 'know' that if we cannot see it, we cannot get it. Believing is also seeing. Under hypnosis, the unconscious mind begins to see the goal clearly and to believe in it. The unconscious will then search for ways to knock obstacles out of the way in order to reach the goal. This is a unique path for each client.ell being, and then moves on to enabling the client to visualise a more prosperous future. 

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