Sharee supports you with a warm person-centred approach, offering you a variety of Mental Health and Wellbeing coaching she has over ten years experience in Psychology and Mental Health, and can help with a wide range of  unwanted, feelings, behaviours, habits addictions with Psychological Holistic Therapies.


Relaxing highly successful solution-focused therapy 

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A fast effective way to concur overeating with self-hypnosis and the Psychology of emotional eating, in only two 2 hour sessions in Portstewart or Coleraine 

Check out the Hypnotherapy page, book and arrange a time that is convenient for you

Psychology of Eating

This is a highly proven advanced way to quit smoking one visit your treatment will last approximately two hours 

Check out the Hypnotherapy to secure a place on this popular way to say goodbye to your unwanted habit once and for all

Smoking Cessation 

A quick 1-2 hour appointment will help you with a variety of worries you may have on your mind; such as stress management, prep for interviews, exams and computations. A great way to quickly get in a good mindset.

Message on the contact sheet or call for a quick informal chat...

Wellbeing Coaching 

There are many flexible options and ways for you to Invest in your Wellbeing with Sharee, she is well experienced to help support you, and your children to help yous through a difficult patch for a more Holistic peaceful life 

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